“Bugsnax.” (Young Horses)

I’m someone who would be classified as a casual gamer, at best, so it takes a lot to get me to carve out the time to play a video game all the way through. But when the Onion reported “[Bugsnax] Looks like shit honestly but for a window of several weeks it will be one of the nine best games for the PS5,” I knew it was time to dust of the ol’ Dualshock controller and dive back in. …

And everything else is too

Ace Attorney Collection (aka Research — The Game)

There was a dream I had up until last year. A dream where I could open up Unity and make an entire game without opening one tab on the browser. A dream that I could one day be so knowledgeable about how to make games that I no longer needed help or guidance. That’s what I thought it meant to be a real game dev or to be an adult really.

Okay, maybe an exaggeration. I never thought through it in those terms, but I still had the feeling that stooping to opening up a…

How can a game report the news?

Journalism games (or news games) are a small subset of the broader field of “serious games” (games that serve a purpose beyond being fun). The goal of a journalistic game is to use gameplay as the source of news. For a few months I’ve been playing around with this idea, and this summer I made a game I would describe as a journalistic game. Much of the previous discussion given to new games have been from the perspective of journalism. …

I promise, it’s very simple

Motion controls haven’t been a selling point in games since 2012. That doesn’t mean they are gone: they are everywhere. Modern VR is based off of motion control. All smart phones have gyroscopes and accelerometers built in. Game consoles also ship with hidden motion controllers. You probably knew that the Switch’s Joy-Con’s have motion control capabilities, but the actual console does too. Being able to sense the orientation of a device is almost mandatory for handheld devices these days. However, this is a very recent development. It’s only been in that last decade that gyroscopes…

How to Combine Visual and Sports Identity

I’m something of a fan of the Olympics.

In fact, I’ve had a 11 year obsession that swings from checking how the bids for the up-coming games are doing to just going to the Olympics. I’ve had other interests in the past 11 years that have shaped where I am today and have lead me to becoming a self-appointed scholar of Olympic design.

The Olympics have the clout to make really interesting design statements. Sometimes they are defining designs for a country and a year, other times the amount of effort and money in designing Olympic logos attracts controversy.

We’re one year from the next Olympic games, Tokyo…

Elijah Cobb

Games Student at Northeastern. Designer, artist, playwright, a poor advocate for the west coast. http://elijahcobb.net

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